Parent Teaching Resources

Parent Teaching Resources
Parent Teaching Resources

Parent Teaching Resources

There are many resources that have become available to help you with your children at home.  I will be posting some of those resources below.  I would like to remind you that this is a very awkward time for them, their schedule has changed drastically.  It is very important for you to give them a balanced day, for example, Reading for 30 minutes, Writing for 30 minutes, Math for 40 minutes, allow them to take a "recess" between work.  It is also important that they stay active "PE", I'm posting some exercises that you can all do together at home. 

Make the best of this time together! This is a perfect time to talk, work, draw, play, etc. together! 

Hay muchos recursos disponibles para ayudarlo con sus hijos en casa.  Publicaré algunos aquí.  Quiero recordarles que este es un momento muy incómodo para ellos, su horario ha cambiado drásticamente.  Es muy importante que les dé un día balanciado, por ejemplo, Leer por 30 minutos, Escritura por 30 minutos, Matemáticas por 40 minutos, permita que tomen un "recreo" entre el trabajo.  También es importante que se mantengan activos "educación física".  Voy a poner algunos ejercicios que todos pueden hacer juntos en casa. 

¡Aproveche al máximo este tiempo juntos!  ¡Es un tiempo perfecto para hablar, trabajar, dibujar, jugar, etc. juntos!

Daily Warm Up Activity

(20 seconds for each exercise)

See the source image      Image result for jumping jacks     See the source image

        Jogging in Place               Jumping Jacks                     Mountain Climbers

See the source image     Image result for hop on one foot      Image result for jumpimg on 2 feet

        Squat Jumps         Hopping on 1 foot                                Jumping off 2 feet

Image result for jumpimg side to side  Image result for burpies

        Jumping Side to Side 

Daily Stretches     Image result for wide legged foward bend     

           Right & Left Side                                      Right & Left Side  

      Image result for shoulder stretch    Image result for shoulder stretch       Image result for body stretch

           Right & Left Side                                     Right & Left Side 

Image result for seal stretch    Image result for body stretch     Image result for body stretch


Daily Muscular Development


Image result for push ups   Image result for curl ups clipart    Image result for plank

 Image result for modified push upsImage result for v sit   Image result for plankImage result for chair push upsImage result for standingh abdominal crunchImage result for dips chair

Daily Physical Activities

(Drink 8 cups of water and eat healthy food everyday)

Option # 1  Ride your bike, skateboard or scooter for 20 consecutive minutes (wear your helmet if you have one).

Option # 2   Practice Locomotor Skills: Skip, Gallop, Leap, Slide, Carioca, hop on 1 foot, and jump off 2 feet for 20 consecutive minutes.. 

Option # 3   Complete an online video listed below.




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